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b2b massage

Welcome to Amoveo Spa – The place for getting professional massage in Bangalore.

We are the new and growing massage center in Bangalore providing more than 50 massage services like body to body, female to male, Thai, nuru, Sandwich, Russian, Swedish, Ayurvedic, Oil massage, Hot stone massage & more.

Here you can able to know about body to body aka b2b massage in Bangalore.

What is body to body massage:

Body to body massage is a type of massage technique which using masseur body and receiver body to provide massage.

Yes this is something weird. But this massage is famous massage techniques in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Kolkatta.

b2b massage

People are often seeking body to body massage in Bangalore in google. This shows how people interest towards this massage.

Massage is one of the traditional technique to heal our body and mind. Ancient people suing plenty of massage techniques to heal their body. Es specially Kings in older days taking variety of massage to relax their body.

So, taking body massage is essential for all people. But many of you ignored. If you take massage once in a week for 6 months. Then you should feel new person in you. That is the difference helps you to stay young and happy.

How to do body to body massage ?

You need to lay on the mattress. The female or male massage therapist using their body to give massage without using their hand. They rub their body with your body. In-between they can use cream or Gel to reduce the friction and increase the traction. This is how b2b massage done in our massage parlour.

Benefits of B2B massage:

body to body

Already said this massage has enormous amount of benefits.

  • It can able to reduce stress and tension.
  • This massage helps to increase blood flow.
  • Body to body massage increase the immune power
  • It decrease the anxiety.
  • It decreases body pain and joint pain.

These are some major advantage of taking b2b massage.

So, why your still waiting.

Contact us now to take body to body spa service.

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Have a happy massage!

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